4 Mythological Stories that narrate the significance of Rakhi

Story of Lord Yama and Yamuna

Yamuna is thesister of Lord Yama, the God of Death. She invited her brother on the day ofSravana Purnima and offered a hearty feast. She also respected and honored himto her best possible. Pleased with her actions, Yama gives the blessing thatwhichever sister honors her brother on this day shall stay protected and livehappily. Thus, it is a norm that brothers visit sisters' houses on SravanaPurnima or Rakhi and accept their respect.

Story of Mahabali and Goddess Lakshmi

Mahabali is a greatking known for his devotion towards Lord Vishnu. Once he requested the GreatLord to stay as his guest in his court. Lord Vishnu accepts the same and stayswith him. After some days, Goddess Lakshmi starts worrying about her husbandnot returning to the heavenly abode. She enquired about the reasons and got toknow what actually happened. She then visits Mahabali and ties a Raksha Bandhanto him and calls him a brother. Intensely happy with her gesture, Mahabali askswhat she wants and promises that he will give whatever she asks for. GoddessLakshmi asks for her husband and thus takes him back to Vaikuntha. Thus, onRakhi day the brother promises that he would give anything that the sisters askfor.

Story of Draupadi and Lord Krishna

Once Lord Krishnawas sitting in his court along with his wives and sister Draupadi. He cuts hislittle finger by mistake, and it starts bleeding. Seeing this, his wives rushto bring medical help. Meanwhile, Draupadi tears her saree edge and ties it asa bandage to his finger. Pleased with her action, Sri Krishna promises that hewill protect her when she needs help from his side. Thus, the Rakhi festival isan occasion where brothers promise to help their sisters and women who tieRakhi.

Story of Labh and Subh

Shubh and Labh arethe sons of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha has a sister Manasa, who visits his houseevery year for Rakhi. She ties Rakhi and Ganesha offers him a good feast andlots of gifts. Observing this practice every year, both of them request theirdad that they want a sister so that they can also celebrate this occasion. ThenGanesha creates a divine light by merging the powers of Riddhi and Siddhi, histwo wives. That light turns out to be a beautiful little girl who is none otherthan Santoshi Mata. 


Narrate theseinteresting stories about the Rakhi festival to children. Teach them how greatthe festival is and the beauty of the brother and sister relationship. Don'tforget to surprise your brother with a beautiful Rakhi gift. Happy Rakhi toyou.

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