8 Fun Activities at Home with Your Brother(part 2)

Gift diaries, parker pen andpersonalized notebooks for your brother. Encourage him to pen his thoughts orplan for the future. This is a great morale boost for your brother if you askus.

6.Add a dose of greenery to yourbalcony or working space this festive season. Gift your brother a handpickedand carefully grown little indoor plant for his birthday. Together, decoratethe balcony with plants and invite fresh energy into your house.

7.If you and your brother are staying far, hang outvirtually. Have a video call and wish him the best of luck on his b;day or thisauspicious occasion of Rakhi. Send him a nice memorable Rakhi gift online andmake his day.

8.Dig into childhood: Put all your work and tensions aside and dig into yourchildhood memories on this Rakhi festival. Dust the old albums and get lostinto those sweet days. Ask your mom how you and your brother used to fight fornothing. Don't forget to surprise your brother with a photo print birthday cakeor a charming Rakhi gift.

Happy wishes tobrother-sister duo.

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Posted on: 7/31/2021 12:40:14 PM

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