5 Ideas to Celebrate Father's Day in a Budget

Start a social media campaign

This Father's Day creates a personal campaign on social media. Talkabout the challenges elderly people are facing and the solutions for the same.Invite your peers and colleagues to participate. Let the world know how much weshould care for fathers.

Send a green gift to your dad

Choose an earth-friendly gift for your father as a Father's Day gift. Aplant, gardening kit, bird feeders, or a pet if your budget allows - you nameit. Let your love reflect in the green gift and may it help your dad relax anddestress.

Spend time together at home

Spend the entire day at home and purposefully celebrate this Father'sDay. Enjoy the morning coffee together watching the sunrise. Cook and eattogether and watch Father's Day movies. In the evening, dig into your old albumand relive the memories over a cup of tea. Go for a short walk after dinner andstrengthen your bond with your dad.

Surprise your dad with a little gift

You can gift your dad in many ways. Be it a gift voucher, favouritedish, acupuncture footwear or backrest, puja items, books, and many more. Spendsome time to understand what makes a great gift to your father and chooseFather's Day gift accordingly. Be it because of their hectic work,travelling or not eating on time due to workloads, they tend to be the firstones to be hit with lifestyle-based health problems. Thus, a health-based gift toyour dad is also a sensible Father's Day gift option.

Help him to get organized 

Fathers can ignore their work very easy to spend time and energy forfamily. On this Father's Day, help your dad to get organized with his items.Help him with his dusting his book rack or cleaning his wardrobe. Check if hehas any doctor appointments overdue. Offer your help on cleaning his vehicle orroom. If he is staying alone, arrange a cook for him. Be it anything, some timeand energy to help him organize his life in a better way.

So, what is your plan for this Father's Day.What else can you add tothe above list. Please share with us.

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