Know How to Keep Flowers Fresh

A corner of the house adorned with fresh shimmering Flowers or a window box arrayed with just-cut glorious blossoms are true visual fancies. Beholding the beguiling Roses or the exuberant Tulips arranged daintily in a lucent vase instantly gives rise to the desire to safe-guard their enrapturing spell forever. Forever, indeed, may not be possible, but abiding by certain specific techniques can, assuredly, make the grace of the vase Flowers endure for a notable time-period. The most effective procedures to retain the loveliness of Flowers in vases for quite a while are:

Due to less water secretion during the moist weather condition in the cycle of days and nights, it is always feasible if Flowers are cut or picked at the time of dawn. During that time, the ambience remains an airy one and the Flowers also retain their consumed water, thereby keeping up their sprightly look, even after being cut, for a lengthy time.

After plucking the Flowers, the bottom portions of their stems need to be cut off for letting the veins to open up. But, the point here remains that this stem-cutting must be done by keeping the stems under water so that the veins in the stems are able to absorb more water and thereby hold on the freshness of the Flowers. More better it gets if the stems are cut in a slightly bended position under water since that cut lets more portion of the stem to open n up and drink as much water as possible and thus increase the life of the cut Flowers.

A well-cleaned vase is a prime requirement for letting the Flowers staying in it live in a sanitized surrounding. A mix of bleach and water works fine as the effectual cleansing agent for the vase. Also it should be checked whether or not the neck of the vase is amply wide to make space for the Flower stem.

Right after they are cut, the Flowers can be put in a container that is filled with warm water having the temperature of 110�F (43.5�C) and then the whole container needs to be placed under a cool shade for some hours. The warm water is drunk rapidly by the exposed veins of the cut stems and also given to the moist outside ambience, the Flowers in the container do not loose water and thereby through this warming and cooling technique, level of water consumption by the cut Flowers heighten and as a result their lifetime broadens.

Changing the water of the vase regularly and also cutting off rotten leaves from the stems of the Flowers to stop bacteria formation over them prohibit the danger of infection within the vase of cut Flowers.

Trimming the Flower stems with a sharp cutter at a 45� angle, at a regular interval widens the surface portion of the cut Flowers to consume more and more water.

At frequent intervals, Flower foods, that which are made up with Sugar (acting as Nutrients), an Acidifier (to stabilize the water's pH level and aids the stems to drench water) and Bleach (to lower fungus in the water), are needed to be added to the water of the cut Flowers for giving the Flowers a more vigorous lifespan.

The place for placing vases filled with cut Flowers should also be chosen wisely and humid places like entry doors, direct sunlight, heaters, television set tops must be avoided since in these environs cut Flowers loose their water and tend to fade away quickly. Air of ceiling fans or short airflows are also harmful for a vase of cut Flowers. Darker corners or shades are perfect for keeping a vase filled with enticing cut Flowers.

Maintaining all these conditions, callowness and brightness of cut Flowers can be secured for a serious long amount of time.

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