Significance of Easter

Easter is one of the holy days as per Christianity which is celebrated anytime between 21st to 25th of April. It is on this day that Jesus Christ rose from his tomb. The day marks a symbol of the victory of sin and shows a new hope for the humanity.

According to the New Testament, Easter occurs three days after Jesus Christ has been crucified. It is on this day that the prophecies of the Messiah comes true that the Son of God would be persecuted for people's sins and die, but again rise on the third day.

Easter has significance too. Christians all over the world observe Lent, the fasting season that spans for 40-days as a mark of repentance and remembrance. The Lent season starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday. This practice was established by Pope Gregory 1 and has been followed dedicatedly since then.

The date of Easter differs every year. This is due to the practice that dictates the date on Christ rose from the grave. In general, Easter falls after the Paschal Moon, which is the first full moon that comes after the spring equinox. Another point that is to be noted here is that Easter occurs after the Jewish festival of Passover.

The story behind the Easter Celebrations

While Easter marks the rising of Jesus Christ from his tomb on the third day after he has been crucified, the celebrations and traditions that people follow today for Easter find their roots in pagan celebrations. Eoastora is the goddess of rebirth and this is where the name of the celebration Easter comes from. 

How people celebrate Easter?

Easter is known for its celebrations that are filled with love and joy. On the day of Easter, special masses and prayers are conducted in churches across the world. Flowers, candle lights and music stands as a highlight of this festival. 

Processions also happen on this day after the prayers. Father of the church and the followers of Jesus walk along the streets in the praise of Lord and spread love with their songs in his praise.

Easter is known for its big feast. People gather with family and friends and celebrate the rising of Jesus with great joy during this feast. Especially, eggs, cakes, nuts with fruits and honey, sausages and salads, candies, and other delicacies and have a hearty feast on Easter day.

Children have their dose of happiness and joy on this day. They wear new clothes and have fun time in decorating eggs and participate in events that happen around Easter eggs. It is also a tradition on Easter that children are gifted with baskets of candies, Easter eggs and cakes.

Gifting Traditions for Easter

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