Top 5 Homemade Birthday Gifts

Can you imagine attending a Birthday without a gift to wish the birthday baby? Can you leave your best friend or dear one without gifting them on their Birthday? Never! Birthdays hold immense prominence in terms of gifting, both for the sender and the recipient. However, the point is there must be uniqueness in the gift that you gift because they have to remember this for as much long as possible. Isn't it?

Homemade Birthday Gifts are the best idea if you want to make a Birthday Gift memorable to your dear ones. Experts at Delhi Online Florists are suggesting a list of easy to make homemade Birthday Gift ideas if you are looking to gift for your loved ones, family and friends.

Desk Top Stationary

You can make gifts such as Desk Top Organizers or Wardrobe Organizers out of cardboard. Surprise Boxes, Photo Frames, Desk Decor items such as Pen Holders, Paper Trays, etc. can also be made out of cardboard. So try them and make your own handmade gift for your dear one and surprise them with your skills!

Handicraft Gifts

Wooden items, Jute made items, or Thread and Fire made items are available online. If you have time, you can learn how to make them by taking online help. Otherwise you have plenty of websites too that deliver you these items without any hassles.

Greeting Cards

These are the easiest on the list. Unleash your creativity and make handmade greeting cards from paper, decorate it and personalize it with your own Birthday message!

Wall Decor Items

Use items such as Plastic Bottles, Bangles, or Paper Cups and Glass Bottles to make homemade Wall Decor and hanging items. It's a good way to show that you take time to surprise your dear ones on their Birthday.


Silk Thread Jewellery, Flowers Jewellery, Quilling Jewellery, Beaded Jewellery etc. can be made at home and make colourful Birthday Gifts for your loved ones!

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