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Floriography is the gracious gesture of communicating with near ones and conveying to loved ones messages through Flowers. This exquisite way of interaction is prevalent in human society from as early as the time of Hebrew Bible, when Flowers were used to epitomize the arrival of the Messiah, to denote the love among soul-mates and to symbolize the Israeli clan. During the Victorian period, Floriography thrived mostly in England and USA. The British society, not preferring much the bodily demonstration of emotions, chose Floriography most frequently in the 19th century for expressing sentiments of endearment, passion, love, sorrow, remorse and admiration, for indicating the signs of sanctity, fidelity and innocence and for wishing happiness and prosperity to friends and family. The 3 top-notch religions of our world, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity also avail Floriography to illustrate their respective vibes of virtue and custom. Whereas White Lotus is the cardinal mark of spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism, Red Rose defines the wounded heart of Jesus and the White Madonna Lily imbibes the fervor of a stainless soul in Christianity.

Matching cultural aesthetics, Flowers also imbibe in them the spirits of different memorable days of livelihood. Flowers of color White perfectly express the brightened and virtuous vibe of the environs of ceremonies like wedding, baptism and also funerals---since White represents nothing else but virtuosity, exquisiteness and solace. Red-colored blossoms are the everlasting choice for honouring that earnest love which binds two lives together and Orange blooms nicely match with the temperament of a true fun-filled and lively time. Yellow Flowers intensify the candidness of novel beginnings and the will behind renewal of hopes and peach-colored blooms go fine for a meeting with someone who is ´┐Żlittle more than a friend. Flowers of shade Purple are the correct pick for decking up a success party or esteeming a real honorable and meritorious personality and blossoms of hue Lavender are, undoubtedly, the right ones for applauding the feminine enigma of a 'Pretty Woman'. Green blooms are the elect buy for visiting a recovering individual for wishing that one good health and these blooms also match with the message for a dear one for being prosperous in life. Pink Flowers are highly popular for celebrating teenage romance and youthful love, whereas Blue Flowers add a soothing charm to the ambience of a distinctive day where all have gathered for relieving their anguishes and experiencing wholesome tranquility. Flowers in combination of Red and White suit to the vibe of the day that recognizes the togetherness of two hearts and the duet of White and Pink Flowers augment all the more the glee of a party or gala during the holidays.

Though in 21st Century the digital network has made vocalizing of feelings to important persons of life and transmission of thoughts and greetings among individuals a smooth and speedy process, the appeal of 'Uttering with Flowers' remains, till date, a wholesome hearty maneuver to connect to new persons and strengthening old relationships.

Globalization, the information revolution and the modernization of lifestyle have indeed changed the cultural and social practices of people from the Victorian Era till the present period. But the endeavor of endowing special ones, relatives and buddies with Flowers that tell them the particular message for them has not being affected anyhow due to the ushering in of the new century. From ancient times till modern days, the effectiveness of Floriography remains highly prominent in the human society. In comparison to electronic mails, mobile messages, phone calls and video calls, Floriography remains, whether in the 18th century or in the 21st century, the best ambassador of human sentiments and the profoundly effective wavelength that connects hearts and merges souls.

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