What do blue flowers indicate

Blue is a symbol of serenity, calmness, and peace. However, it also shows some hidden feelings. Flowers often represent many feelings to the recipients depending on their colour and type. 

It is well known that red flowers stand for intense love, while white flowers depict peace. Yellow flowers show friendship while orange flowers symbolize the celebration of victory and success. When it comes to blue flowers, we know very little, because we rarely find blue flowers and hence there is a lot you need to know.

What do blue flowers indicate?

Do you know that blue flowers suit very well for ambitious people who want to achieve something different in their life? Yes, it is true. This is because blue flowers trigger the minds, inspires the recipient and push up their intuition levels and balancing power. 

Symbol of Hope

Blue flowers stand for a symbol of hope. They are a perfect pick for someone who is looking ahead for good times or waiting for a miracle to happen. If you are planning a party at home with a floral theme, adding a Blue Flower Bouquet at the centre of the floral arrangement will highlight all the other flowers in the room. Such is the attractive power of Blue Flowers.

Calms and Distresses

Blue flowers also have another effect. They can potentially calm down a stressed person and brings them instant peace. If you want to remind your husband or dad or some person who needs to have a work-life balance, sending Blue Flowers is a direct way of indicating that they need to maintain work-life balance too. 

Gender Neutral

Some flowers such as pink roses can be sent only to ladies. The good news with Blue Flowers is that they are gender neutral, which means you can send them to men and women comfortably. Also, there are many shades in blue such as purple, dark blue, light blue and indigo, and you can opt for your dear ones as per your taste, which means you have a wider choice in blue flowers.

So now that you know what Blue Flowers symbolize, isn't it easy to understand to whom to send Blue Flowers online next time when you want to send Flowers to Delhi or looking for best online Flower delivery services. 

Now here is the list of Blue Flowers and what exactly they mean for your convenience of flower gifting next time. Move on!

Blue Rose

They are just topping the list because what strikes our mind when we mention flowers is a rose. However, Blue Roses are not found in nature so easily. They represent rarity and loyalty.

Blue Hydrangea

It symbolizes forgiveness and honesty. You find them mostly in wedding decor as they grab a lot of attention and stand as the highlight of the decoration.

Delphinium flower

This flower represents expansion and new beginnings. Suits pretty well for corporate gifting and celebrations.

Hyacinth flowers

Perfect picks for new relations, new mom, new couples, new relations and friends. These flowers symbolize joy and beautiful beginnings of a relationship.

Aster blue Flowers

They go very well for people who are suffering from some consequences or decisions, as these flowers represent after-thoughts and show that something good should have happened instead of what occurred in practice.

Blue Orchids

Another loving and eye-catching blue flower species, they show perfection and luxury. They stand for beauty and abundance too. So you can choose them for someone whom you want to show that you are there for them always and they can rely on you in any situation. They are a classy pick when the recipient has a luxurious taste.

Morning Glory

Remember, these should never be gifted for lovers, as they represent love in vain. These flowers stay only till the sun is present and die as soon as the sun sets. Hence, it does not really show a long-lasting love!

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