Why Gift Thandai and Motichoor Ladoo on Holi

Celebrating festivals amidst family members, friends, fun and laughter is most common anywhere across the world. For Indian festivals, it just becomes more colourful and traditional owing to the rich heritage and culture the country has.

Holi is one of such Indian festival that symbolizes the start of summer season in India. It is celebrated across the sub-continent with equal fun and happiness. People wear white coloured clothes, play with coloured water and powder colours in the day time. The evening of Holi will be accompanied with a bonfire that stands as a symbol for the end of evil and victory of the good.

Like any other festival in India, Holi is also accompanied with its signature recipes. Thandai, Gujiya, Ladoos, Gulkand, Malpua, Kara Boondi, Namak Para,etc. are some of the sweets and savories that are mainly prepared especially for Holi.

Of all these, Thandai is a drink that is made of milk and is specifically done without a miss on Holi. Either Holi is being celebrated in homes, or at colleges, or in foreign lands, Thandai is something that will always make its presence in Holi celebrations.

The word 'Thandai' originates from Hindi, the official language of India. In Hindi, Thandaa means cool. Thus, Thandai stands for a drink that cools one's body. It should be noted that Holi is a festival marking the beginning of summer and summers in India are always warmer than most other parts of the world. Hence the drink finds its importance during Holi festival celebrations.

How Thandai is made?

Thandai is a mix of milk and dry fruits and spices in suitable proportions. It is all natural, preservative free and healthy and energizing option to keep up the colourful mood on Holi day.

To make Thandai, suitable quantities of almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, green cardamoms, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, white peppercorn and nutmeg are taken and grinded into fine powder. To make one serving of Thandai, a table spoon of this powder is mixed to a glass of boiled and cooled milk. Later sugar and saffron milk is added to this. The whole mixture is refrigerated for an hour before serving. As you have seen, all the ingredients are rich in energy and nutrition.

How Motichoor Laddoo is made?

Motichoor Laddoo is another delicacy that melts in your mouth keeping you lingering for more. Its orange color and juicy taste is something that makes it a must to have sweets for Holi. Making Motichoor Laddoo needs expertise. It is made from besan, oil or ghee and sugar. Often dry fruits and saffron are also used for giving it color and garnishing it.

Send Holi Gifts to Delhi

If you are residing outside Delhi or India and want to make this Holi a memorable occasion to your dear ones in Delhi, why think twice? Send them unique Holi Gifts and make their Holi celebrations special. After all, which is a better occasion than Holi to express you love to your dear ones? You know, Holi is a mark of celebration of forgiveness and love too.

Make sure you choose a reputed online service for Holi Gift delivery in Delhi if you are looking for last minute delivery or good quality gifts with no delivery hassles.

As you have seen, making Holi Sweets takes time. So, why not order online for Holi Sweets to Delhi for your dear ones and give them time to enjoy the day with friends instead of spending in kitchen for long? Choose your preferred Holi Gifts to Delhi along with Motichoor laddo and Thandai for friends and family members.

Happy gifting! Happy Holi!!

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