Shipping Locations

  • 1) Flowers , Cakes & Sweets : i)We deliver flowers, cakes & sweets SAME DAY at all over Delhi.
    Check LIST "A" given below for SAME DAY Delivery Locations.

    ii) We also deliver Flowers & Cakes at one Days clear Notice.
    Check LIST "B" given below for the same.
  • 2) Chocolates :Chocolates are normally available for Same Day delivery at all major cities. For other locations where imported chocolates are not available, we courier it, gift wrapped, the same day. Delivery time in such cases normally vary from one to two days depending on the location.
  • 3) All Other Gifts :In major cities, where most of the gifts are readily available, it can be delivered Same Day depending on the availability. Otherwise we normally courier them Same Day for delivery in a day or two depending on location.