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Mother Earth is adorned by Nature with so many heart-arresting embellishments such as the awe-arising mountains, the ever-energizing oceans, the beguiling forests, the enigmatic desserts, the eye-gripping snows and doubtlessly the forever-engrossing Flowers. Flowers are indeed nature's very best blessing to this earth. Their pure aura, their virtuous luminosity and their immortal appeal make them the eternal wonder of this World. From gracing celebrations to pacifying hearts and from conveying love to esteeming people, Flowers play a cardinal role in the different dynamics of our lives and livelihood. Within the uncountable kinds of Flowers that magnify the attraction of Mother Earth, the following are the few choice ones of human-beings.

Let us talk about some commonly found flowers in India.

Anturium,Rose,Gerbera,Carnation,Orchid,Lily,Chrysanthemum,Birds of Paradise,Daisy,Magnnolia,Tulip,Zinnia

A soft perennial plant and essentially hybrid form, Gerberas are the most beloved flowers among florists for arranging flower clusters and bouquets and are inherent to the lands of Africa, Madagascar, tropical Asia and South America. This flower owns a big Capitulum with astounding, two-rim ray florets in colors of yellow, orange, white, red or pink and the Capitulum, looking like an individual flower, is basically made of hundreds of single blooms. The flower heads of this flower ranges from 7 cm ( known as Gerbera Mini 'Harley') in diameter to 12 cm ( known as Gerbera 'Golden Serena'). Getting featured in the hues of brightened scarlet, dark red, orange, pale to solid yellow and pink, Gerberas are the most prevailing ones (5th in popularity) in the world of cut flowers after carnation, rose, tulip and chrysanthemum. For researching on floral formations, Gerberas are also taken as the ideal flower organism.
Gerberas are also known as Gerbera Daisies, since Daisy is a common suffix given to all varieties of plants that belong to the Asteraceae family of plants, which is also the parent breed of the Gerberas. Hilton Daisy, Ghostly Daisy, Transvaal Daisy and Barberton Daisy are some of the well-known Gerbera flowers. Gerberas thrive best in lands which contain moisture but are not completely wet. The Hybrid Gerberas, formed through tissue culture, are the durable ones that keep their petals open in the darkness--thereby being a top choice for indoor floral decors.

The following 4 sorts are the most known forms of Gerberas:

Single Flower Gerberas - These blossoms possess a string of non-overlying ray florets/petals and a green bosom or disc florets.

Double/Duplex Flower Gerberas - These blossoms possess a dual string of overlying petals and a green, black, or dark red, green or black core.

Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These blossoms possess 2 strings of overlying petals with 1 or more inside strings of smaller petals and a black,dark red eye or green bosom.

Full Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These blossoms possess concrete overlying strings of petals and a tiny row within, thereby making a total cover over the core.

Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies are an elect floral souvenir for greeting with heartiness Mothers on Mother's Day.

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