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Mother Earth is adorned by Nature with so many heart-arresting embellishments such as the awe-arising mountains, the ever-energizing oceans, the beguiling forests, the enigmatic desserts, the eye-gripping snows and doubtlessly the forever-engrossing Flowers. Flowers are indeed nature's very best blessing to this earth. Their pure aura, their virtuous luminosity and their immortal appeal make them the eternal wonder of this World. From gracing celebrations to pacifying hearts and from conveying love to esteeming people, Flowers play a cardinal role in the different dynamics of our lives and livelihood. Within the uncountable kinds of Flowers that magnify the attraction of Mother Earth, the following are the few choice ones of human-beings.

Let us talk about some commonly found flowers in India.

Anturium,Rose,Gerbera,Carnation,Orchid,Lily,Chrysanthemum,Birds of Paradise,Daisy,Magnnolia,Tulip,Zinnia

Ranking 3rd in reputation and demand among Flower-lovers, Tulips are the forever favorite springtime Flowers. Bearing the historical importance of being the sign of the Ottoman Empire, Tulips bloom as big and prismatic six-petal Flowers.

Inherent to the lands of Central Asia, Siberia and China, Tulips are classified in accordance to their blooming period:

Early Flowering Tulips - These Tulips out-bloom during the month of March and early April.

Midseason Flowering Tulips - These Tulips out-bloom on the months of April and early May.

Late Flowering Tulips - These Tulips out-bloom specifically in the month of May.

One of the most adored Flowers of this world, Tulips, in general, are the conveyors of passionate fondness. More specifically, White Tulips denote the worthiness of the lover for his/her beloved and Red Tulips is the medium for voicing out one's intense emotion for the receiver. Yellow Tulips speak for the brightness in the smile of one's loved one and multicolored Tulips describe how attractive a special one's eyes are. Red Tulips are also the faultless selects to uphold the love between a married or committed couple on Valentine's Day. Tulips of hues Pink or Violet are the optimum pick for the D-day of first date. White floral arrangements such as a bouquet Classic White Fresh Touch Dutch Tulips are also a hit for decking up marriage ceremonies. Yellow Tulips are also availed of for vocalizing �Happy Birthday� to endeared ones on their special days.

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