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Mother Earth is adorned by Nature with so many heart-arresting embellishments such as the awe-arising mountains, the ever-energizing oceans, the beguiling forests, the enigmatic desserts, the eye-gripping snows and doubtlessly the forever-engrossing Flowers. Flowers are indeed nature's very best blessing to this earth. Their pure aura, their virtuous luminosity and their immortal appeal make them the eternal wonder of this World. From gracing celebrations to pacifying hearts and from conveying love to esteeming people, Flowers play a cardinal role in the different dynamics of our lives and livelihood. Within the uncountable kinds of Flowers that magnify the attraction of Mother Earth, the following are the few choice ones of human-beings.

Let us talk about some commonly found flowers in India.

Anturium,Rose,Gerbera,Carnation,Orchid,Lily,Chrysanthemum,Birds of Paradise,Daisy,Magnnolia,Tulip,Zinnia

Holding the title of the fourth most popular Flower of the world, Lilies are grown around the world in gardens as Flowers beds, shrub borders, adorn plants and by the pool sides as natural line d�cor. Coming in the textures of orange, yellow and white, the Stargazer Lilies and the Casablanca Lilies are the most picked ones for decking up Flower bouquets. The Oriental Stargazer Lilies bloom in late summer and are renowned for their angelic fragrance. The Oriental Casablanca Lilies bloom during the fall and are favored for their awe-rising white color.

The four other acclaimed varieties of Lilies are:

Calla Lilies - These stupendous Flowers are indigenous to South Africa and they Flower during the late spring. Calla Lilies (Greek �Calla� meaning beautiful) offer themselves in the hues of orange, green, purple, pink and yellow and are the best choice as bed-side plants and houseplants.

Lily of the Valley - Cultivated throughout California's breathtaking Santa Barbara coast, these Flowers, praised as the tear-drops of Eve, are shaped like dainty bells. Lily of the Valley blooms in numerous numbers at one time and is titled as 'the Stairs of Heaven' for its overwhelming incense that covers the entire ambience for the entire 24 hours.

Tiger Lilies - These big and glazing orange Flowers originate within the water trenches all over America. Most believably deriving their name from their tiger-like flecked petals, these heart-stealing Flowers stand distinguished for their unique mellow smell.

Eucharis Lilies - These sparkling white Flowers are also known as Amazon Lilies for being inherent to the warm lands of South and Central America. Strikingly similar to the Daffodils in shape, these Flowers possess a greenish or yellowish bosom and a delightful aroma.

The much celebrated and so glorious Lily blossom expresses multiple dimensions of life and livelihood. The White Lily is a motif of humbleness and purity, whereas the Orange Lily signifies intensity. The Yellow Lily upholds the ardors of gladness and the Lily of the Valley, believed to be the tears of Virgin Mary, is the emblem of an illuminated heart and that of sheer pleasantness. The Calla Lily represents fairness, whereas the Eucharis Lily is the mark of the allure of womanhood. The Tiger Lily signals the days of grandeur and the time of glory and the Easter Lily stands as the floral figure of Virgin Mary.

For congratulating youths on their so-important day of becoming a graduate and wishing them a sincere and chaste future ahead a cluster of Lilies featuring Lilies of shades Yellow, Blue and Red is the ideal one. Yellow Lilies are also the fitting choice for wishing close ones on their birthdays. Creamy Ivory Calla Lilies are also well-favored choice for decorating the wedding days, especially as wall or table-top furnish. Lilies in the shades of White or Blue or Green are the right pick for sending sincere thoughts to funerals. Vases filled clean water and fresh cut White Lily Flowers also fit finely as souvenirs to congratulate someone on the person's new house.

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