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Mother Earth is adorned by Nature with so many heart-arresting embellishments such as the awe-arising mountains, the ever-energizing oceans, the beguiling forests, the enigmatic desserts, the eye-gripping snows and doubtlessly the forever-engrossing Flowers. Flowers are indeed nature's very best blessing to this earth. Their pure aura, their virtuous luminosity and their immortal appeal make them the eternal wonder of this World. From gracing celebrations to pacifying hearts and from conveying love to esteeming people, Flowers play a cardinal role in the different dynamics of our lives and livelihood. Within the uncountable kinds of Flowers that magnify the attraction of Mother Earth, the following are the few choice ones of human-beings.

Let us talk about some commonly found flowers in India.

Anturium,Rose,Gerbera,Carnation,Orchid,Lily,Chrysanthemum,Birds of Paradise,Daisy,Magnnolia,Tulip,Zinnia

These illumined Flowering plants are premium enthrallment for nature-lovers. The distinctive twisting-at-the-top design, radiant petals of 30 inches size and real sprightly look make Orchids, originating mostly in the tropical regions and in the temperate zones of Southern Australia, irrespective to centuries or generations, grand souvenirs to gift to the precious ones of life.

The 2 known sorts of Orchids are:

Monopodial Orchids - They possess a middle stem for growth and no artifical Flowering bulbs. In these plants, Flowers are born from the stems in between the leaves.
Symbodial Orchids - They own a Rhizome that gives birth to a shoot, which gradually matures into a stem and consequently from it the green foliage and Flowers are born.

The base of this growth provides for the birth of another new shoot and the same process goes on.

This most famous exotic bloom, Orchid, as a gift, conveys to the receiver the appreciation that the sender treasures for the receiver's elegance and mellowness. Orchid is also an emblem of a real 'Fair Lady'. For uttering �I am Sorry� Orchids become the common pick in both the arrangements since it is believed that their long-lasting feature convey the depth of the sender's feel of being sorry. Orchids are also a little unique, but yet very touching choice to take as a gift for a first date. Orchids are also classic souvenirs for greeting one's father on the 3rd Sunday of June of every year, which is Father's Day.

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